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The University Honors Scholars began in the summer of 2012. The program was initially called the University Honors Summer Scholars Program due to the fact that the research for the senior honors capstone was conducted during the summer before the student’s senior year. During the summer students were known as ‘Honors Summer Scholars’ and, upon submission of a successful proposal, they were known as ‘University Honors Scholars’ for their senior year. After two successful cohorts, the program changed its name to become, simply, the University Honors Scholars Program and the scholars are given the distinction of University Honors Scholars. The program allows students to create an in-depth research project that exceeds the requirements of the capstone project, provides the student the opportunity to be a full-fledged researcher or artist on a project of their design, and gives each Scholar the opportunity to develop advanced research and production skills to make them competitive for admission into graduate programs or employment in their field. University Honors Scholars present at the annual University Honors Scholars Research & Artistry Presentations and Reception.

What is a University Honors Scholar?

University Honors Scholars are a select number of academically distinguished students who are chosen by the University Honors Committee to receive this award so that they can conduct summer research or artistic preparation with the expectation that it will benefit them as they complete their University Honors Capstone during their senior year.


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