Luke Martin

Final Reflections as an Honors Scholar

Final Reflections as an Honors Scholar

The University Honors Scholars Program has given me the unique opportunity to conduct high level research at the undergraduate level. Since one of my long-term goals has been to attend graduate school, participating in this program has given me insight into the fascinating world of research. Because my capstone project was done in collaboration with […]

Summer Reflections

Participating in the University Honors Scholars Program has been a highly rewarding experience. Looking back on the summer, I can see the many ways that I have grown as a person. I have had many great experiences, and there are many people to thank for helping make my summer research a success. I am very […]

My Faculty Mentor

I am greatly honored this summer for having the privilege to have researched with Dr. Nick Pohlman. Having been selected for both the of the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology Faculty of the Year Award as well as the University Honors Great Professor Award, Dr. Pohlman proves that any student would be lucky to […]

Research inspires analytic, critical, and practical thinking skills

Since I transferred to NIU in the fall of 2013, I have been continually looking for ways to become involved and enhance my academic experience.  One way I was able to do this was through involvement in the University Honors Program. Being an honors student has allowed me to have many opportunities, including participation in […]

The Mu2e Experiment at Fermilab

The purpose of the mu2e experiment is to witness a muon to electron conversion. Observing this conversion would allow physicists to begin to understand why particles in the same category, or family, decay into more stable mass states. Discovering the detail of how this occurs is the key to discovering what physics lies beyond the […]