Joel Dennison

Final Reflections

My honor’s Capstone experience was a little different from other honors students.  This was because I graduated a semester early, and therefore had to complete my Capstone project during the Fall semester only.  Thankfully, I already had a head start on my project because of the work I had completed during the previous summer as […]

Reflecting on a great summer experience

Looking back, my summer research project was a great experience and has taught me many valuable skills as well as problem solving and the value of collaboration. I was able to put the skills I learned from my bioinformatics internship last summer into practice to compare amino acid transporter expression levels in human and mouse […]

My Mentor Team

My research experience with my mentor, Dr. Bode, actually began last summer while I was working in two other laboratories in the NIU biology department studying multiple myeloma as well as completing a bioinformatics internship. I would often see Dr. Bode around the department and soon had the opportunity to interact with him on a […]

Family lineage of physicians

My journey to medical school, and thus research, began at a very early age. I was fortunate to have a grandfather, father and uncle who were all physicians who exposed me to healthcare from early on. Growing up, I wouldoften hear how rewarding it was to be able to help alleviate the suffering of patients. […]

Searching for a cure

My work in Dr. Bode’s lab this summer is focused on understanding liver cancer and its possible treatments. Cancerous transformation of cells involves changes in nutrient consumption and metabolism. Among nutrients, changes in glucose and glutamine uptake and use are particularly profound and collectively drive the metabolic engine of tumor growth and progression. Cancer cells […]