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Summer Reflections

Participating in the University Honors Scholars Program has been a highly rewarding experience. Looking back on the summer, I can see the many ways that I have grown as a person. I have had many great experiences, and there are many people to thank for helping make my summer research a success. I am very grateful to the University Honors Program for making it possible to devote my time this summer to research. Additional gratitude goes to my faculty mentor, Dr. Nicholas Pohlman, who has been especially helpful.  He has challenged me to develop my critical thinking skills and look at problems from multiple perspectives. Without his direction, I would not have been able to make the progress that I have. This program has benefited my academic experience in many different ways, and I am excited to see what more I can learn as I finish my capstone this upcoming year.

This summer I was able to complete all of the tasks that I had hoped to. Among these things were document review, internal and external rail system design, development of an insertion procedure, and the preliminary design and analysis of external support stands. Since I was able to achieve all of this, I feel that I ended my summer research at the perfect place. I will spend my fall semester making multiple external stand design improvements. In the spring, I will focus my effort on technical writing as I document the details of my designs and simulations.

Performing this research has given me a great start on not only my capstone, but also my mechanical engineering senior design project. Since my senior design and capstone are incorporated, I now have a strong foundation on which to build on. I look forward to completing a distinguished capstone that helps to advance the understanding of physics and the particles that make up the world around us.


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