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Reflecting on my summer research

It is hard to believe that my University Honors Summer Scholar experience has come to an end and has transitioned into the year-long appointment of being a University Honors Scholar. My research and artistry experience this summer was very eye-opening, as well as exciting. While I had the opportunity to create elements of a television program before as semester project, I had not had the chance to actually do the preparation work of looking at other shows created by university students and critiquing them in such an academic way. I have also never been the lone producer on a student program and am excited to be able to take on that role. I ran into some difficulty achieving one of my research goals, as I had hoped to find some concrete information about college-age viewership of talk or special interest shows. I found a lot of data and opinion based articles on viewership of dramas and comedies, but not exactly what I was looking for. In terms of putting the show together I have most of the pre-production work completed. I am getting ready to actually start filming in the fall semester. I have been in contact with one of the local television stations and am pursuing the opportunity for this show to have air time once it is completed and has a regular production schedule. As I have mentioned before, my hopes for this show are to not only create an opportunity for the Communications looking for television production experience, but to focus on the NIU and DeKalb communities. This summer research experience allowed me to get a head start on my capstone, which will hopefully make for an excellent television program.


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