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My Faculty Mentor

I am greatly honored this summer for having the privilege to have researched with Dr. Nick Pohlman. Having been selected for both the of the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology Faculty of the Year Award aspohlman-nick well as the University Honors Great Professor Award, Dr. Pohlman proves that any student would be lucky to have him as a research mentor. His passion for research is paralleled by his dedication to teaching and mentoring aspiring engineers.

I have had the opportunity to have Dr. Pohlman not only as a mentor but also as a teacher. As a teacher Dr. Pohlman is exceptionally talented in his ability to clearly explain complicated theories and concepts. During one class, he derived a fundamental engineering equation; completing these steps took nearly an hour. While I would have had great difficulty following this derivation in the book, my classmates and I were able to follow every step as Dr. Pohlman patiently explained the process.  Throughout this summer, I have been able to apply problem solving strategies and computational programs learned in his class to analyze and interpret experimentally based findings. Taking a class with Dr. Pohlman before beginning my summer research has proved to be especially rewarding.

As a mentor Dr. Pohlman has provided me with all the guidance necessary to complete many different tasks this summer. Being well versed in his understanding of engineering concepts, he has always been able to provide analytical insight and advice to topics he doesn’t regularly teach but that have been come up during my research.  One of the things I appreciate most about my mentor is the many different aspects of engineering to which he has introduced me. Whether it was providing constructive criticism to technical writing or suggesting I analyze a problem from a different perspective, my interaction with Dr. Pohlman has helped enhance my understanding of the engineering profession.   Dr. Pohlman is a highly motivated professor who simultaneously manages many students and research projects. Even with such a busy schedule, he has put in a great deal of time to help me make significant progress on my honors capstone. His personable and encouraging disposition has made my summer research an extraordinary and enjoyable experience.


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