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Alternate frame of view

KubyOne of the best benefits of the Honors Scholars Program is working with an expert in my field. Dr. Emma Kuby from the Department of History is working with me on this project, and her guidance and advice has been, and continues to be, invaluable. I walked into Dr. Kuby’s office earlier this year with an idea to take my study of German photographs above and beyond, and her background in modern French history has taken this idea to a dimension I never imagined. Dr. Kuby has helped me “read” German photographs differently by situating them in alternate contexts, like colonial French photography for example.Picture

In addition to knowledge on the subject, working with a faculty mentor has been essential in guiding the project as it takes shape. Dr. Kuby helps keep me on track, challenges me to ask provocative historical questions, helps me work around the barriers of research, and encourages me every step of the way. Having guidance from an expert in my field has influenced my development as a student, researcher, and historian. Knowing that yet another faculty mentor supports and believes in my work truly makes all the difference.


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