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The importance of storytelling

While my current research project is not within what one might think of as a traditional field of research, I do believe it is still something important to study. Individuals and communities are drawn together by television programming. This opportunity to offer an outlet for the community is one of my goals for this project. I believe that the television programming that is drawn from this research will be an effective outlet to bring new light to the NIU/DeKalb and offer opportunities that may not have previously been available for the University, students, and businesses alike.

There lives a great storyteller In the heart of a great communicator.

Throughout my years of schooling I have been involved in theater, creative writing, journalism, and film. I have always been interested in sharing information with an audience. Communication studies have always appealed to me because of my love of storytelling. That, in a sense, is what brought me to do research on communication this summer. In my years at NIU I have had the opportunity to focus intensively on the television and film component of storytelling. Last summer I had the opportunity as a McKearn Fellow to work on a documentary about a local organization, The Penguin Project, that provides children with disabilities the opportunity to be a part of a musical theater show. While this opportunity gave me greater insight into the craft of storytelling through film, I was also alerted to the fact that very few people within the NIU community had even heard of the Penguin Project. My television program will hopefully be able to shed light on organizations such as this, as well as DeKalb businesses or things that are happening on campus. In my time as a Communications student I have also yearned for a program of this caliber; a weekly or biweekly show. While the classes within the department offer some good insight into how to produce programming for an individual event (such as an end of semester show or five minute interview) I hope that this program will be able to provide students with that next step of producing a regular show to be aired for an audience.

I hope that this project will provide Communications students with not only an outlet to hone their television production skills, but that it will give me a good foundation for future studies related to me and will allow me to continue to develop my passion for storytelling.


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